About the artist


Katrine Renee is a mixed media artist based just outside of Chicago, IL. Her work reflects an ever-present enthusiasm for the spirituality that guides her experimental artistic process. She frequently creates surrealistic paintings embedded with wood chunks, scrap fabrics, animal bones, severed doll parts, and other found objects. Her ink and pen pieces commonly take inspiration from visual details she discovers in nature and then interprets them through a whimsical lens.

In 2017, her art was showcased at Positive Strokes Art School and Gallery, where she worked as an assistant oil painting instructor. During this time, she also taught her own mixed media class to young children.

About the artist


Devoting myself to the creative process, I let its spirit guide me. Often, I feel as if I am little more than a shell through which streams of inspiration flow. My role to discover untapped sources of visual potential, wherever they appear in the details of my world, and then to act as their direct pathway into reality, into a physical medium.

The cycles of nature fascinate me. On Earth, circular movement is as inevitable as death and decay which feeds growth and new life. Nothing is wasted. In this way, even the most forgettable things are equal in existential value. Inspired by this phenomenon, I frequently incorporate into the makeup of my paintings and sculptures, small objects that were once lost, broken, or thrown-away. Items which may have otherwise remained long dormant, had I not scavenged them in some forest or along a dirt road.